For many of us, temptation will get the better of us this holiday season as Christmas and New Year’s is drawing near. It’s hard not to indulge when you’re going to family dinners or parties several times within the course of a few weeks.

So how do you stay on the Paleo-wagon throughout this holiday season? Well, I’ve got five simple tips on how:

1) Take the reigns and host your own party.

This may seem like a lot more work for you, but you making your health a priority is work and should be taken seriously. However, hosting can be a lot easier than you think – asking your guests to bring a side dish will not only save time, but money as well. Many people not familiar with the Paleo diet won’t even notice that you suggested them bringing a paleo-friendly dish either, like a cucumber salad, butternut squash, or bacon-wrapped pecan stuffed dates. You do not have to carry the burden of feeding the masses alone!

2) Make time for exercise and meditation.

We all can get overwhelmed and out of focus during the bustling holiday season, but make sure to make time off and give yourself a mental-break around the holidays. This will help prevent a major mental breakdown. Take time for mind and body, whether it be going outside for a walk or drawing up a hot bath. This will help keep your energy up and prevent some stressors and pitfalls that come with the holidays. Also, set aside just 15 minutes a day to do some light calisthenics. Some light stretching, a few crunches, jumping jacks or push-ups really goes a long way when it comes to burning excess calories and keeping off the holiday weight.

3) If going to a party, eat at home first, or being a paleo-friendly dish.

This sounds simple enough, but many of us seem to forget when getting read to head out to a party or an event. If you’re unsure of the food options, eat before leave home. Nothing is worse than being hungry at a function and arriving home really late, starving (Not to mention watching everyone else chow-down on food; the worst). Or, the other option if you’re heading to someone’s home where you’re a close friend is to ask if you can bring a dish. More often than not the host will be flattered that you offered to bring a dish and you get a paleo-friendly meal to enjoy amongst partygoers.

4) Be prepared to travel.

The holiday season is the busiest times for travel as millions are en route to visiting family and friends, but those long hours traveling can leave you left with limited meal options in airports and convenience stores. Don’t allow yourself to be unprepared with little to no options! Stash paleo snacks in your bag if you’re going on a plane. If you’re traveling by car, consider bringing temperature friendly snacks or bring a mini-cooler for your travels.

5) Use the buddy system.

This is a tried and true method in all situations. When you on the brink of losing your cool, or find yourself faced with a temptation of junk-food, make sure you have that someone who is already committed to helping you when you need it most. Send them a text or give them a quick phone call and you’ll be back on track in no time! Accountability is a valuable tool. Use it!

If you use just one or even all of these five helpful tips, you’ll be prepared for a paleo-focused holiday and prevent many unwanted pounds this season. Trust me, your body will thank you!